By Teachers, For Teachers

The LVWP Resources Page is created and run by the LVWP Leadership Team, a group of teachers with connections to the writing project. Our goal is to create a community of teachers to highlight strategies and best practices in the area of writing. The Resources Page is designed to keep teachers connected to the LVWP and to inspire teachers through easy access to writing lessons that are created by teachers for teachers. If you are interested in contributing, please click here and we will contact you with more information.

Open Mic with the Penn State Lehigh Valley Writing Project

As a National Writing Project site, we believe in the power of conversation – to surprise and enlighten us, to connect and compel us, to help us better see ourselves and others. In this spirit, Open Mic brings together Penn State Lehigh Valley Writing Project teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders for monthly conversations about the social issues that impact our classrooms, our schools, and our communities. We hope that by talking to one another, we can better understand one another, our world, and our students.